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Kindergarten Classroom

A Day at Zion Lutheran Preschool and Early Childhood Center

A Place to Shine

What does a typical day look like in our Preschool?  Check below for an example.

8:30 Journal

8:45 Jesus Time (devotion, music, singing)

9:00 Free Choice/Centers

10:00 Clean Up

10:15 Calendar

10:40 Snack/Quiet Reading

11:00 Story Time

11:15 Gross Motor

11:25 Prayer

11:30 Dismissal

Children will attend chapel every week.

If a child is in the preschool childcare program, their day will continue as follows:

11:40 Lunch

12:15 Rest on Cots

1:30 Lights On, Wake Up, Bathroom Break, Wash Hands

1:45 Snack

2:00 Indoor Play

2:25 Pack up students who are leaving

2:30 Children will enjoy outdoor play/gym time, exercise, creative expression.

5:30 Closed

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