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Apply Now for Aide Position

If offered employment, you will be required to provide a clearance from the Department of Human Services, pass a physical and TB test and Zion will conduct a criminal records check. Submission of this form certifies that you understand these requirements, that all the information supplied by you is accurate and you give us permission
to use the information below to conduct a criminal records check.

To qualify for teaching in Zion Lutheran Preschool and Early Childhood Center on a regular to temporary basis the teacher or teacher assistant shall meet the standards set by Zion Lutheran Preschool Guidelines for regular teaching personnel. They are as follows:

 1. Be a professing Christian and have no conflict of conscience with the requirement that all religious teaching in the Preschool be in conformity with the Doctrinal Standard of Zion Lutheran Church [Constitution, Article III];

2. Meet the minimum requirements for teachers of preschools set by the State of Michigan

3. Meet all state health requirements for teachers.

Once you have filled out the information below, please submit your resume to

Thanks for submitting!

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